Name: Thrashers
Nicknames: .........................
From: Michikan Lake
Occupation: collecting hardware
Hobbies: Hockey,hockey,floor hockey
Quote: Shoot Pass, im sure u know the rest

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    Michikan Lake Thrashers

    U should find sum of us on those links


    it is sad to report we lost another good hockey player Neil Fiddler #28 also #20 for the mavericks you well be missed on and off the ice

    please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers



    MLT28-Neil Thomas Fiddler-MLM20

    Jan 10,1991-August 15,2010 














    21 Roger Peter Mckay Jr 21

    november 22, 1989 - febuary 20, 2003


    Michikan Lake Thrashers


    well be back


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